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Hideaway Kennels is proud to announce the first hunting dog training video (DVD) in our series of training videos,
First Steps: Building a successful foundation for your gun dog.

First Steps provides an introduction to the fundamentals of training your hunting dog. A low-stress training program, First Steps is suitable for new or experienced handlers and hunting dogs of the pointing and flushing breeds. The DVD dog training video features real training exercises using hunting dogs of all breeds, ages and experience levels.

Approximately 2 hours long, our First Steps video provides step-by-step instruction necessary to effectively implement each dog training technique. In addition to showing you the how of each technique, First Steps also explains the why. First Steps comes with a list of required equipment and a demonstration on how to properly use each piece of equipment, pre-exercise checklists and diagrams used in the training exercises.

**Please allow 7 12 days for delivery**

The Lobo Lead

**Please allow 7 – 12 days for delivery**



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