Hideaway Kennels is owned by professional dog trainer, Ben Garcia.

For twenty years, Ben has been training, guiding and competing with gun dogs and has seen thousands of dogs and their behaviors. Through experience and observation, he has worked out the best age to start your dog, and the optimum amount of time that should be spent training to bring out its full potential as a hunter and as member of your family.

Our facility starts with a heated indoor/outdoor kennel and continues with 3,000 acres of training and hunting grounds with plenty of upland cover and game birds to keep any bird dog happy. We are a USDA registered kennel. We are inspected annually by the USDA and AKC.

The kennels are located at the nationally known Rocky Mountain Roosters hunting club in Calhan, Colorado. With over 3,000 acres of prairie and creek bottom and hundreds of birds RMR is the perfect place for dogs to succeed. The property also has four training ponds perfect for water work!

Ben’s enthusiasm for dog training is contagious and he loves working with clients to continue the training and live happily with a bird dog.


Our success has been training dogs that people want as a hunter and a home companion. We start with a six-week puppy program aimed at teaching your young dog the basic skills it is going to need to succeed. After successfully completing the Puppy Program, your dog will enroll in the Tune Up Program. Your dog receives individualized one on one care and training. At the end of each training session, we give you a schedule so you can continue with the work we’ve started without confusing commands that your dog might not understand. READ MORE ON OUR TRAINING PAGE.

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